• 01.Dry Construction

  • 02.New Matt

  • 03.Thermal Facet

Dry Construction

The suspended ceiling systems provide the architect and the interior designer with a variety of designs in style and finishing. All technically designed to be placed in business premises (banks, hotels, offices), in craft-based places and workplaces, in training areas (amphitheaters, teaching rooms, etc.) as well as in areas with higher technical and physical requirements. The dry construction systems of plasterboard are suitable for masonry in every place. They are distinguished for their fast and light construction, their high sound insulation and their economy.

The applications of plasterboard in the workplace are the masonry of special acoustic requirements, the wall building linings ,the surface coatings and the space separations.

New Matt

Do you want to decorate your place in a pioneering way? Do you want to "play" with colors? The SIAMATRAS company, Group of Companies, with the 25 years of experience in interior design innovates now the pioneering French NEWMAT elastic ceilings in Greece.
NEWMAT elastic ceilings are available in more than 300 colors, with different textures (satin-marble-velvet), placed within a few hours without any unpleasant smell and building debris. It's the new evolutionary proposal in interior design, in places you want to stand out. NEWMAT

Thermal Facet

Today, reducing the energy consumption in residences is necessary both for environmental reasons and the cost containment, given the high economic burden on households. The external thermal insulation of buildings is the key factor in limiting energy consumption as it can save up to 50% of the cost of heating operation.